Where’d It Go?!

“I was on this new co-ed softball team and found myself oddly attracted to this older guy on the team. He not only had salt and pepper hair and was about 15 years older than me, but he wasn’t even that attractive. Somehow I still found myself flirting with him. The more he ignored me, the more I wanted him.
One night, he invited the team over for a house party. I was ready to make my move. I dressed up in my sexiest outfit, made sure to wear my favorite sexy bra & underwear, and even packed a sleep over bag. THAT’s how confident I was.
At the party, I made an effort to ignore him and speak with his friends. I found him sniffing around me all night. At one point I went to the bathroom to check my makeup, and as I opened the door, he was right there. I snatched him, pulled him into the bathroom and closed the door. I rammed my tongue down his throat and grabbed his cock outside of his pants; he was rock hard.

After a few gropes and rubs, he pulled away, and said “Save this; don’t leave tonight”. Only a few minutes had passed when I realized he was ending the party and kicking everyone out. He pulled me into his bedroom and we tore each other’s clothes off. We fucked about 3x that night. After the third time, when he pulled out, we couldn’t find the condom. We looked everywhere. At first I was scared that it had stayed inside of me, and then I worried that he hadn’t used one and I did not notice.

In the wee hours of the morning, when I realized we had nothing left to say, I grabbed my jeans, heels and one of his t-shirts and headed home. At the time I was still living with my parents, so when I got back to their house in the am, the whole family was eating in the kitchen. I was in my walk of shame clothes, but they thought I stayed at one of my girlfriends crib, so I thought I was good. I chatted with them for a bit and went to the bathroom. As I was walking out of the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of something on me in the mirror. To my horror, there was the condom, stuck to the ass of my jeans with cum keeping it together. To this day, I will ever know if my family noticed it. LOL.”

– Dirty Diva

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