When Mom’s Away …

Got a special treat tonight: My very good friend wanted to share her steamy story with you all! It was so good I’m jealous this didn’t happen to me! Read Below –

‘My moms not home.’

Just saying that made me horny. I bring him to my room, and immediately I’m all over him. God, he’s so hot and I can’t wait to have his dick in my mouth. I unbuckle him, pull’em down and I just take him in. He loves to be deep-throated, and to be honest: before him, I wasn’t into it; but with him, I enjoy it. I love feeling his dick in the back of my throat, but most of all I enjoy the way his body reacts: his face, the moans; when he says “take that shit, baby”. His favorite is when I gag: oh he loves that, and Lord knows I don’t mind choking one bit on that beautiful dick of his. Gag reflex here I come!! Everything about it just turns me on like a motherfucker.

As I’m sucking that dick and cleaning the back of my throat with it, I grab my little bullet and start to rub my clit with it. Going back and forth just like my neck; I’m thinking about how awesome it would be to cum together in union. I tell him “I’m coming baby; salvame esa leche pa tragarmela”; and like a good boy who follows directions, that he did. As my orgasm takes over me and my muscles clench of sweet delight, so do my taste buds. I enjoy that milk going down my throat, but God, what I really enjoy is his face and the moans coming from his mouth.

We are both left satisfied. I’m left happy and sleepy and my man is left feeling and looking like I drained him of all his kids. Mission accomplished. “

-Dirty Diva

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