What Would You Do With a Fur Burger?

The Evolution of Hair


After having one of many conversations about “hair down there” with my girls, it crossed my mind that men and women (probably) think differently about pubic hair, and that everyone has different limitations when it comes to pubic hair.

Women, for the most part, are all the same. “If I’m neat/trimmed/ prim and proper down there, you better be the same.” Don’t expect to get that good sloppy toppy if I have to stop every 2 minutes to pull a pube out of my mouth. (Excuse me while I go gag).

So, being who I am, (naturally) I polled a few men to see what their thoughts were on this hairy topic. I gave the following scenario:

A chick hits you up, ready to fuck. When she shows up, her lady friend is covered in hair. Not ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ bush hair, just regular ‘a razor hasn’t seen this or a waxer hasn’t seen this’ in over a month’ hair. 

  • Does that turn you off?
  • Do you still fuck her?
  • Is there a difference/ does it matter if you have never fucked her before? 

Below are a few of the replies:

1. ” I’m sure after she sees my facial expression ( :-/ ) she’ll know that I’m not going down on her, but I’ll smash. After, I’ll crack jokes on her retro look until she gets the point. It’s mean, but honest. ” – Charles, NYC, NY

2. ” Well it does. You don’t want hairs to tangle nor the fucking smell. Biggest factor is you wanna hear the sound of skin slap and I love to see the white pussy juice slide down my dick without being hitched in the hair. ” – William, Long Island, NY

3. ” 1. Big turn off; presentation is key. That shit looks like you are unsanitary and have no respect for the art of sex and blessing of life.
2. Do she get sex? HELL NO: First class bus/ train/ cab or walk right back from where she came from.
3. Refer to answer # 1. ” – T.I.P., West Palm Beach, Florida

4. ” A month worth of hair ain’t that bad I’d assume, and if we never fucked I think I’d be down to shower first and after that I’m going face first on that fur burger, lmao. ” – Nick, Brooklyn, NY

5. ” #Longhairdontcare ” – Kevin, Bronx, NY

6. ” HELL NOOOOOOO !!!! ” – Brian, NYC, NY

Seems like most men will definitely have sex with a hairy vagina, but no one wants to chomp away eat one.
At least we all agree on one thing: If it’s hairy,  ain’t no one going down!

What are your thoughts about this hairy situation? Let us know in the comments below!

– Dirty Diva

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