“The Truth About Anal”

Always a touchy subject with women. Either you like it or you don’t. You tried once, but it hurt too much/he’s too big/you weren’t drunk enough… I get it. I mean, personally, I don’t, but it’s understandable.

When I consult women at my Passion Parties, I get asked a lot about anal. I’m always asked for tips on what they should do/ how they should approach it, because they really want to try it with their partner. I usually give four main tips: DRINK; LUBE; PREP; RELAX!

Since I’m determined to have all women enjoy this awesome sexual experience, I’m always looking for articles that talk about how to prepare for such an event. I found one that may help all you Nervous Nancy’s.

The only thing I’d add to this article: Make sure you’ve had a few shots off something that always loosens you up. 😉

The Truth About Anal *


– Dirty Diva

*Source – wewomen.com

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