The summer my hymen was no more.

Not my first time, nor second or third. Quite honestly, it has been a year since my ooh nana was tainted by the ex. Although I missed him, more so, the sex.

I didn’t want to go back to him. So what now?

I fell out of love with him and in love with SEX.

I was intrigued…I was aroused…I wanted more.

Juuuuuust not with my ex.

To add on to the frustration, summer was approaching. Yeah, cute boys, shirts off, playing basketball down at the courts, as I stroll down the street in my short shorts.

Well I guess I had someone looking out for my needs cause summer gave me the MORE I asked for.

This guy- lets call him Sylvester, Sly for short- was gorgeous. The body of an athlete, his mysterious eyes, and luscious lips had my juices ruining my panties ever time I saw him.

I knew Sly for about 3 years now but never really hung out as we did this one hot summer.

oohh just thinking of him now awakened my kitty.

Anyhow, we start hanging out innocently, but I wanted more and I knew he did too. He finally told me he wanted me, I responded with a passionate, sensual kiss. Shit his lips alone had me dripping. He stopped, he was taken aback, smiled and grabbed my face for more-this went on for 10 minutes. I have to laugh cause we were in the alley of my boys building, waiting on him to come out to hang, so this was our pass time.

After that we hung out again, went to his aunts crib (free crib). Of course, we go right to it.



his lips, his tongue, his hands.

I came before we were naked.

He kissed me all over, telling me what he was gonna do to me.

Oh…really…please do.

We are now naked.

Coño his Dick is fucking perfect. I do my way with his manhood but I really just want him in me.

I whisper, Oh please Sly, do me now.

OH MY G….He had just put the tip in and I jumped back.

Damn he was thick.

Let’s try this again.

Im so wet, he is so hard and thick and the two are not meshing..WTF. I mean I know its been a few months but I can’t be that tight again? can I?

He tried again and was able to go halfway before he asks, are you sure you are not a virgin?

Mother fucker I know what sex is, been known for a year. Not my first rodeo guy. At this point, im going crazy, just ram it. He smiles and complies. Oh SHIT…

Gorgeous guy on me with his luscious lips all on me and his perfect Dick penetrating my tainted flower.

I was so wet, we were in rhythm, in sync, in fuck mode.

Greatest fuck I ever had at the time.

So what happens after we cum? He sees RED, the sheets are bloody fucking red.

My period wasn’t due for another two weeks, can only mean one thing.

His massive perfect COCK, broke my hymen. Apparently, my ex wasn’t giving it to me as he should have- his dick was thin if we comparing. 😉 and come to think of it, I never bled my first time.  huh, ain’t that something?

He asked me again if i’m sure… this time smiling from ear to ear cause his dick was THE dick to tear the wall.

Damn that pencil dick of the ex. ha!

After my bloody episode we fucked a couple of more times that summer- rooftop was another memorable day but that is another post.

He was so fucking good. I knew this was just a summer fling and I was fine with that. I enjoyed every inch and thickness of that perfect DICK that summer. He enjoyed my pussy and my juices on his cock- he told me every time we met.

This was the perfect fling.

Summer came and went. Back to our perspective schools we went to. talked on aim for a while but never back to our sexual escapades. When we would see each other (the hood is not that big), we’d have small talk and always go back to that summer. We’d smile and with curiosity in our eyes say our goodbyes until the next time we bump into each other.

If Sly ever reads this, just know you will always be my best summer.

Best. Summer. Ever.



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