The Godfather


I’ll never forget him. His style, his presence, his swag; damn he’s good looking. There was something about him that made you want to be around him; made you want to know him.

We ended up at the same party this one specific night. It’s like the stars were aligned in our favor that night. I was drinking Johnny Walker and Cranberry Juice; he was sippin’ on Henny. We had been eyeing each other a little more than usual that night, and you could feel the tension and arousal in our dancing. He offered to drive me home; always the gentleman. Opened the door of his Benz and I slid right in, making sure nothing peeked out from under my skirt. Driving up the West Side Highway from downtown Manhattan is were it all began. I lit the blunt and the rest was history.

The mixture of Weed and Alcohol usually puts me straight to sleep, but I was high off his scent. Not sure what came over me, but I am glad whatever it was did. I put my hand on his thigh as he was driving and caressed him, working my way slowly to his member. The surprised look followed by the smile on his face was the green light I needed. I unzipped his pants and was instantly VERY PLEASANTLY surprised a nice, thick, hard penis is slowly standing at attention. I just KNEW we were going to have a GREAT night.

He left the car double parked at a hydrant, clearly not giving a shit about tickets. We could barely keep our hands off each other as we made our way up to my apartment. I’ve never wanted to taste a penis as bad as I did that very moment. I threw him on my bed and had my way with him. To this day is he is still one of the thickest men I’ve ever pleasured with my skills. His moans, his gestures; I KNOW he thoroughly enjoyed me sucking that dick as if I was a porn star. “You like sucking my dick? You suck that shit like its yours. Suck that dick baby, suck that DICK.” – I most definitely did.

Feeling him enter me and having him fuck the shit out of me is a memory I’ll never forget. His sensual touches, the way he placed his palm gently on my back as he fucked me doggy style; oh I was in Heaven. “You like this dick in you? You like it when I choke you like this? I’m gonna spank you for being a bad girl and holding out on me.” – He was quite the talker. I didn’t mind it, not one bit. He could say whatever he wanted to me with that big dick inside me.

After what seemed like half an hour of the best fuck of my life, he worked his way to my backside. Put a finger in my ass and I immediately moaned. He knew this wasn’t my first time. “You ever done anal?” – I asked. He said no, and was in for the biggest sexual ride of his life by far. He lubed me up and entered me slowly. Mmm I remember it like it was yesterday. I took it like a champ (as I knew I would); he came so fast none of us knew what happened.

He’s one of those guys who so damn good looking, all of the females want him. Never would have thought I would of hooked up with him.. but man am I happy I did.

– Dirty Diva

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