So, I came across this video about a new way for couples in a long distance relationship to have sex. It’s called Teledildonics, and basically, it’s a way to hook up with your partner via the internet or WiFi when they aren’t accessible. It’s like a dildo that your partner controls via their computer/tablet/smartphone and you are both able to feel it.

Now, personally, I am NOT a fan of long distance relationships. There is no point of dealing with someone who’s dick or puss vagina kitty you can’t access whenever your insides start to feel all warm and horny.. but if you are okay with having your lover live far away and not having your needs satisfied constantly then more power to you!

I do want to purchase one of these just to see how it works.. because lets be real: this looks like it would be a SHITLOAD of fun. Check out the video below:

-Dirty Diva

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