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The Dick Whisperer

It’s pretty safe to say that I’ve been around the block a few times. I’m not ashamed of it – I looove me some penis. However, in that same token, I honestly do wonder if I’m able to differentiate between penises, if they were put in front of me and I was supposed to tell them apart without being able to actually see them. I’ve only recently began to expand my penis repertoire (I always stuck to what I knew; I like to ‘play it safe”), so I can’t say I know a lot about cocks from different countries aside from the stereotypes I’ve heard.

Below is a video that I literally almost PEED MY FUCKING PANTS at while watching. Two women are blindfolded and they are asked to identify the dude’s nationality based on his penis. All I’m gonna say is.. I wish I were the woman to have created the name “The Dick Whisper”. Shit I wish I were that woman. LMAO.


Do you think that you’d be able to tell the difference between the penises? Let us know in the comments below!

– Dirty Diva

He’s Cumming.. BullsEYE


Think pink eye and add on the burn of a new cut. YEA, that’s what it felt like! I was so livid, my eyes did not recover for TWO DAYS!! Sigh, lets go back to the beginning.

Okay, so my boyfriend and I were at the dorm apartments all alone and very in need of fucking. Like, lets skip the foreplay because she is already wet. He is penetrating me in every direction, I ride him, he pulls my hair…the whole nine. He whispers in my ear…”I want to cum on you”. I’m in the zone so I say “Yes, let me see your cum baby”. Then he says, “I want it on your mouth; see you lick it off.” I’m almost cumming so… “yes baby anything!

Aaarrgggghhh!!” My orgasm was cut short as his cum shoots over my mouth and onto my fucking eye! I never pushed a guy so hard off of me. It burned, it stung and it wasn’t even anal! He laughed as he apologized. I mean it was kind of funny how he missed his aim, he was a basketball player- a damn good point guard at that. How did he miss?

Walked around with a swollen eye for two days in school, shades on in winter. Smdh…the shit one does when under orgasmic pleasure.


My Ramona.

Almost every man I have spoken to has one. A “Ramona”. An older woman; a cougar, who shows you how it should be done. She seduces you, entices you; takes you under her wing and teaches you where to touch, kiss, lick, grab, and how to FUCK.

My Ramona wasn’t that much older than me at all, but she gave me experience and a lifetime of awesome fucking memories. This one specific night we were in her dorm room, watching a flick w her roommate, who she didn’t like very much. Her roommate was sitting on the floor while we were on her bed. The lights were off, which was perfect. Not even 15 min into the movie, Ramona decides that she’s feeling frisky, and starts rubbin’ my cock. Next thing you know, she pulls her shorts to the side and sits on top of me, and gave me my first reverse cowgirl experience. It felt so damn good. I’m pretty sure her annoying ass roommate heard what we were doing, but kept her eyes on the tv screen like a good fuckin’ girl.

Good times.

Forbidden Fruit

I remember it like it was yesterday. The phone ringing and knowing instantly that it was him. Taking those extra 5 minutes to make sure I was fresh down there, my teeth were brushed and my breath smelled good; I was on my way to gettin some good dick. Sneaking out of my dorm room and walking down the hallway and around the corner to enter that forbidden room was becoming the highlight of my days.

I wish I knew what it was about him that made me want him so badly. His good looks, his sex appeal, that “perfect penis” as I liked to call it. Maybe it was the simple fact that he was forbidden, and at that alone was enough for me to want to jump on it real quick (man, am I happy that phase is OVER).

I walked into that bedroom with only the black light as my guide. Thinking back on it, I’m pretty sure he had that black light to check if there were any stains on his sheets after the deed was done. He’s laying there, rock hard, watching porn. Watching him laying there instantly made my panties wet. I joined him quickly, knowing that the next hour or so was going to be the best hour of the day. Immediately I kissed him. Started playing with him, waiting for that right moment to show him my “special talent”. Soon after I was down there, enjoying the thickness in my mouth. Watching him enjoy my tricks was probably the best part. Soon after he couldn’t hold it anymore, and was FULLY inside me. Thrust after thrust, touch after touch, position after position; I was in heaven.

He came every time. I came (almost) every time.

Our naked bodies laying there, panting; breathless; smiling.

Mission Accomplished.’  – I’d think to myself.

Soon after that I’d walk back to my room, wash up and join my roommates on the couch, watching whatever crap was on the tv and just think of the awesome secret sex I just had.

The Dirty Diva

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