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Of my entire crew, I’m the self proclaimed freakazoid. I love sex and everything about it; I always have. My mind was seriously created in the gutter (and it never left).. and everyone knows it. At this point I don’t even think my peeps pay attention to half  of the perverted shit that comes out of my mouth.

I’m not sure when I realized exactly just HOW into sex I was, but looking back at my track record, it sure does explain a lot. Sex isn’t something I wanted; it was something I needed and craved CONSTANTLY. I HAD to have it.. and if nobody was giving it to me, you damn right I was giving it to myself (Self Love is the BEST love: always has been, always will be).

Sex is (OBVIOUSLY) the reason I started this blog, ventured into selling sex toys, and it’s one of the main topics in my everyday life. I like to read about sex: not just what position is best for your zodiac sign, but why sex is good for you and what it does to your mind, body, soul and psyche. Some friends ask me for advice, and pretty much everyone feels very comfortable talking to me about their sex lives -> I live in a No Judgement Zone.

Someone sent me a link to this article via Elite Daily, and I couldn’t agree with the article more. It explains highly sexual women better than we can explain ourselves.

Below are the 11 points covered:

  1. When your boyfriend turns you down for sex, it hurts that much more

  2. You have more vibrators than Babeland
  3. Society will judge and shame you
  4. Men really don’t know what to make of you
  5. People will call you a sex addict
  6. All of your friends come to you for sex advice
  7. You make everything a sexual innuendo
  8. You can separate sex and love
  9. Pretty much anything is a turn on
  10. Sex is your therapy
  11. You stopped counting your number of sexual partners

All of these points are true.. especially numbers 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11. LOL.
Read the entire article here.

-Dirty Diva

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