I’ll do your braids… for some D@#K

Doggy Style


I was chilling with the homies, drinking and smoking. I hit my homegirl up cause I needed to get a redo on my braids. I really didn’t need to- my braids were fresh, but I know how she and her friends get down: Easy! So me and my boys roll up in the prelude and she opens the door with some booty shorts and white tank top with no bra. I mean, dog, that ass and them tits??!! ooooohh wweeee.

So anyhow, my boys get to rolling up the blunts, start this cypher. We parlaying with these bitches, shorties looking good to fuck with too. My boys already know the deal.

My braids are done and I’m all up on my the shorty. She tells me to follow her. I’m thinkin aaight, I have to pay her and shit. YEA RIGHT; Bitch was naked by the time I got to her room, waiting for me doggystyle.

“Want this daddy?” Shit! Im hard.  Ain’t think twice about it I rammed my cock right in her pussy. She calling me daddy, telling me to slap her ass. She rode me like no other and sucked my dick like her life depended on it. I put her back on doggy cause yea her body was a 10 but her face needed help. I mean I’m not God but ladies love cool D and my DICK.

As I’m tearing that ass up, my boy walks in and sits in front of her, she knew what was up. As I’m fucking her back she blowing the homie.

I ain’t mind, I’m getting mine; let the homie get his too!

I knew she was a hoe. I only wanted my braids done and get some head while I’m there. Easiest lay. You want to get your hair braided, let me know. I introduce you to shorty. She braids for dick!



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