Gigi; Your New Best Friend.

This post is dedicated to all the men out there. There are so many toys that are made and advertised for a woman’s pleasure that I felt like the men were being forgotten!Tonight I concentrate on Gigi. She’s who I call every man’s best friend. She’s also who I believe is the only other vagina monogamous females will allow in their relationship. Yes, Gigi is the Pocket Pussy.



If I had a penis, I would DEFINITELY own a pocket pussy. She works so many ways, I don’t understand why every guy I know DOESN’T have one! She has multiple uses, and is so easy to take care of! Below are the many ways you can fuck her:

1. The Ménage a Trois Gigi isn’t just for his solo fun, but can be used during oral stimulation by you. First start by lubricating Gigi and his shaft with a small amount of a flavored lubricant like Embrace® Sensual Lubricant. Next, slowly slide the jellylike Gigi sleeve onto his erect penis, so that it completely rests against the base of his shaft, leaving the head exposed. As he gets closer to reaching climax, keep this in mind – Gigi can also “swallow” for you. Right before your partner climaxes, ensure that the head is completely engulfed by Gigi so that he gets every last bit of necessary stimulation.

2. Gigi: Your Personal Bumper Guard Another option is to use the Gigi sleeve as a buffer during vaginal or anal intercourse. Simply cut Gigi to a desirable “buffer” size. For example, if your partner’s penis is ten inches long from the base to the tip and you’re only comfortable accommodating seven inches, cut Gigi into a 3” portion. Next, apply Revelation™ Lubricant or Slip ‘n Slide. Then, slide the mini-Gigi over his shaft so it rests at the base of his penis. You can then have sex as you normally would, and Gigi prevents the additional length of his penis from entering your vagina or anus. If a condom is worn, Gigi goes on after the condom. With this method, you can relax knowing he’s not penetrating too deeply and he still gets the full coverage experience.

3. The Other Side of Gigi Gigi is a great toy that can be used to simulate anal sex and it’s an experience both of you can share together. Gigi is very flexible and can be completely reversed. When in this inside-out state, the opening on the opposite end is actually smaller and tighter, just like an anus. Make sure the inside, opening and his penis are well-lubricated, insert his shaft into the reversed Gigi and enjoy simulated anal sex.

Source: Passion Parties

As if Gigi couldn’t even get any better, there are different versions of her!

She Glows!

This Gigi glows in the dark!

She can vibrate!

She can vibrate!


For the even THICKER man.. ;-)


For the bigger man.. there’s Gigi’s cousin, Mimi

What are you waiting for? Purchase a Gigi for yourself or your loved one today!!!

– Dirty Diva

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