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The New Attraction

His lips are the sexiest she has seen,
Pink as the inside of the freshest strawberry.

While the awkward laughs come to an end,
She takes a chance and bites his neck.

With a closer look she stares –
The attraction is heating up; changing the climate.

She gets on top of his muscular legs
While she rests her plump ass in his open hands.

Feeling his erect dick she gets wet.
Reaching towards her juicy boobs,
He grabs her swollen nipples getting closer to greet.

She moans as she feels tingles in herclit.
He rips her clothes open making the time tick.

Sliding his hands down her body, till he reaches her waist.
The sound of her moans increases the pace of his heart beat.
As he pulls her closer, the harder it is to let her go.

Kissing and licking the inside of her thighs,
He grabs and squeezes her ass.

The feeling of her wetness against his hard dick entice emotion and need.
Entering her mouth, caressing and tasting her tongue.

He becomes hungry for her, desiring her seductive soul.

Wasting no time, he pulls her hair tilting her head as he begins to aggressively kiss her.
He slides inside her, they both gasp lip to lip.
Wet warmth of perfection surrounding his dick.
Perceiving her small space, he sees heaven.

Feeling her fingers digging into his back as he spanks and loves her doggy style.                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                  By: B.C.


  • I find balls beautifully imperfect and I like to suck em…#isthatweird
  • When I press on my thighs I get my girly happy, so I press them harder to try to cum a lil#isthatweird
  • I like to suck on the clit as if it was a sunflower seed#isthatweird

I cum…

Sensation takes over
Thinking of you…me
Intertwined in each other

My senses heighten wanting more
Giving in to all feelings
Losing control
Giving in to the unknown

Slowing down
No need to rush
No loud sounds

My face expresses the passion w/in
Biting my lips as the juices come down…I cum

Mona Lovin’

Regret what never happened

Everything is flowing
In Life no complaints
Yet, you make me question it
Your conversations have me intrigued
Your looks are teasing me
I’m curious to see the real you,
Your fatigue
Your demeanor
Your stature
I’m attracted to you…
I have to stop thinking this
It’s no good in my relationship
Yet, I’m curious to see more
Will I regret what I have done
Will I regret what doesn’t happen
Who knows…..
I’m attracted and I want more
This is wrong yet it’s happening
What have you done…
I am stimulated
I am aroused
Life was no problem
Until I met you….


Mona Lovin’

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