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All Signs Point to NO…



So, I “dated” this guy for about 4 months, after about 6 months of his nonstop begging (should’ve been sign #1). We were talking and hadn’t gotten to the physical part yet due to my non physical attraction to him (should’ve been sign #2). When I finally let this “Relationship” begin, we hung out, drank, smoked – everything was cool. We fooled around every so often; he was cool to hang out with.

Well, after about a month I finally let him hit. I was expecting for this session to be AMAZING based on the sex talk he was constantly spitting my way. The way he spoke about his head game, the positions, how long he lasted – all that good stuff – so obviously I was expecting some good shit. BOY WAS I WRONG. Let me explain: to begin, u should know that I am a “give the benefit of the doubt” kind of girl.

First let down: poor thing had a poor thing size of a penis. As I said, I am a “give the benefit of the doubt” kind of girl, so instantly I think “its not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean.” So we keep fooling around, kissing, grabbing and everything… homie proceeds to take my panties off and go down south; that may have been the only decent part of this encounter. I give him a 6 out of 10 (and yet that is still not my worse rating on that). After a few minutes I’m over that (and I love to get eaten out, so imagine my disappointment) so I pull him up and direct him so we can begin the “fuckfest”. I don’t even know how to explain, it was TERRIBLE! I had to fake the entire session (maybe like 6 minutes).

From beginning to end, it was a big let down. The head game; the size; the motion of the ocean; that sex talk was a rouge and I feel like I got played. I tried to make it work for a few more months because he was a really nice guy, but I couldn’t take it; we fucked maybe a total of 3-4 times in our 4 month run. After our 4th month, I was going to a boat party with my sister on a random Sunday, and I knew there was going to be this hottie who had been after me for a while. I kept turning him down because I didn’t want to cheat, so I did the honorable thing: I broke up with my boyfriend the Monday before the party, because I knew what was gonna happen.

After 4 months of terrible sex and being faithful I felt I deserved a reward. So we broke up, and let’s just say I woke up Monday morning after that boat party, feeling VERY happy and satisfied.

– Dirty Diva

The New Attraction

His lips are the sexiest she has seen,
Pink as the inside of the freshest strawberry.

While the awkward laughs come to an end,
She takes a chance and bites his neck.

With a closer look she stares –
The attraction is heating up; changing the climate.

She gets on top of his muscular legs
While she rests her plump ass in his open hands.

Feeling his erect dick she gets wet.
Reaching towards her juicy boobs,
He grabs her swollen nipples getting closer to greet.

She moans as she feels tingles in herclit.
He rips her clothes open making the time tick.

Sliding his hands down her body, till he reaches her waist.
The sound of her moans increases the pace of his heart beat.
As he pulls her closer, the harder it is to let her go.

Kissing and licking the inside of her thighs,
He grabs and squeezes her ass.

The feeling of her wetness against his hard dick entice emotion and need.
Entering her mouth, caressing and tasting her tongue.

He becomes hungry for her, desiring her seductive soul.

Wasting no time, he pulls her hair tilting her head as he begins to aggressively kiss her.
He slides inside her, they both gasp lip to lip.
Wet warmth of perfection surrounding his dick.
Perceiving her small space, he sees heaven.

Feeling her fingers digging into his back as he spanks and loves her doggy style.                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                  By: B.C.

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