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Press Record…

Below is..
A reminder to all nikkas.

Jan 2005 Suffolk County, NY

This was one of those random college nights…and if you’re weren’t a fucking MORON, you selected your classes so your week included two Saturdays:

Monday was Monday
Tuesday was Tuesday
Wednesday was Wednesday
Thursday was Friday
Friday was Saturday
Saturday was Saturday

and Sunday…was Sunday.  Sundays suck.  Unless you got a Sunday suck!  That changes things.

She & I

She was… I was so intrigued by her. I wanted to know all of her; what she was about.  What she liked.  What she wanted.  We only had two months together – she wasn’t my girl at the time – and I needed to know as much as I could about her: we had had sex before but I wanted to know how she fucked.

There is a difference.  The sex was nice, would the fuck be better, question mark.  The sex included some head.  Will the fuck include toe curling head and a swallow, question mark.

I run up in the dorm room; she is dolo – No one is there.  She’s in trouble.  She’s just been called to the principals office.  She just broke curfew.  She blew a 2.5 on her sobriety test…she’s Ashley rapping at the dinner table in Fresh Prince.  Without hesitation she grabbed my cock and I was rock hard.  She wanted it.  And I was going to give it to her…plus shipping and handling.

No words, I kissed her all over her body – inch by inch; making sure to caress each crevice with my tongue.  We stripped stark naked and went in. We started fucking on the living room couch – she rode me.  After a while, we went into the dorm room- the top bunk.  Great wood.  Sturdy.

A good partner will tell you everything you need to know with her body alone.  Like a great dance partner.  No words needed.  Her body was saying; do what you want.  It felt like a dance, passion, sweat, perfect motion.  Fuck this shit; I’m recording.

She went to the bathroom to get herself situated.
While she’s in there, I take my Sprint flip phone out and I put it at an angle so that it’s facing the bed.
I jump off the bed to make sure that I have the perfect view – gotta make sure that shit is good and situated correctly.

I jump back on the bed, waiting for her butt ass naked.

She comes back and starts crawling on the bed slowly. A good cocksucker plays with your balls and sucks the cock slowly getting it wet with licks and gradually sucks head-to-shaft, eventually saying hello to the slightly neglected balls.  A GREAT cocksucker licks my balls- all the way up the shaft to the head, putting in that work.  She was Grade A.  Harvard University.  Rhodes Scholar.  Oxford.  Toe curler.

I stopped her…don’t judge me.

I grab her hair and pull her down- all the way til she was flat on her back. I spread her legs wide open ate her pussy mercilessly.  I ate her out using my special technique.  Can’t tell you what it is because, well, it’s special.  All I can say is, it’s like having a vibrator punishing your clit until you lose control of your legs and literally push me off of you.  I repeated this multiple times…and gave her multiples.

I’m checkin my camera off and on to make sure it hasn’t moved – we’re good.  So I keep going.  Every position looked and felt like a perfect dance.  Her pussy was fresh blackjack young and wet as the Hudson.

I’m fucking her on her side and I’m feelin like I’m gonna cum.. but damn. I got the camera here, and I’m definitely not cumming inside of her, so I pull out and I tell her to get back on top of me, reverse cowgirl.  Perfection.
I’m preppin for the grand finale, so I lift my self up and push her forward so she’s on all fours.  I’m fucking her doggy style and I start pulling her hair, grabbin her amazing tits, putting fingers in her mouth – going ALL IN.  I’m fucking her crazy, clearly making her cum and I’m ready for the finish.

I’ve never had a nut like this – it just sprayed everywhere. Up her back, to her hair. It was the most excellent nut to date…I was HYPE.

I grabbed the phone to press stop, and that’s when I saw it…I hadn’t recorded ONE FUCKING THING!. I never pressed record. I NEVER PRESSED RECORD. I put that shit at the angle on the bedside and I walked away. I didn’t press the big red fucking button.

Press record y’all.



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