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The Law: It’s Good for Something.


” I was against the entire thing. I was worried about being stopped by the cops, because the sign clearly states you can’t park after 8pm.. but we got bored with tellys. He convinced me that this was going to be okay by putting his hands down my pants, and began caressing my kitty, while giving me one of our most intense make out sessions to date. He kept saying that he could do whatever he wants, because he is the law. I really didn’t need much convincing anyways.

We had sex in the parking lot of Riverside Park at at 12 midnight, and we were pretty much allowed to be there when we shouldn’t have because he had a badge.

We got stopped after head (right before sex), but since┬áhe’s a federal officer when he pulled out his badge they said goodnight, no questions asked. We had some DAMN GOOD sex with a great view: the river and the New Jersey skyline, with an NYPD patrol car parked a couple of feet away. Thank goodness for those limo tints.

Damn his arrogant and persistent law enforcement ass. Cops ain’t shit, but damn that shit was good… and now this is our new spot. ”

– Dirty Diva

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