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“I was young and stupid! We were both in a relationship we did not want to be in, but I never let anything happen because we were coworkers (..and I just don’t shit where I sleep). At the end of the year I gave my resignation and decided to give him a try. Our first time was amazing. Our chemistry and passion were through the roof and his dick fit perfectly inside of me. Every time he stroked my pussy he reached my G Spot and made me cum over and over again that day.

Now, because we were both in a relationship with other people at the time, we had sex in so many different places. This one specific time, he asked me to go over to his place because the mother of his child was working late that night. I knew it was wrong, but me, being the nympho that I am, kept remembering how good he fucked me. After having three rounds of passionate sex, we decided to shower together and have some more. As he turns the shower on, I walk over to get inside. Now, his bathroom is at an angle to the apartment door. We both saw the door opening and almost had a heart attack. He quickly closed the bathroom door and ran straight to her. As I stand naked behind the door I’m thinking to myself:“Fuck. I’m gonna have to fight naked; how fucked up is that?” – all my clothes were in the bedroom and I couldn’t leave the bathroom. It was killing me- not knowing what was going on out there, wondering why it was so quiet.

He had convinced her that some random dude called the house asking about her and made her wait in the hallway staircase so they wouldn’t wake their baby up in the apartment (yes I know- I’m a selfish bitch for doing this while his baby was asleep in his own room). Thank God his baby momma was stupid and stayed there, lol. He told her he was “gonna check on the baby and come back”. All of a sudden he’s running back inside grabbed all my clothes threw them in the bathroom and told me to get dressed and walk out quickly because he had already tapped the elevator button for me. As I walked out the elevator magically appeared at the same time. I ran in and left. My heart was about to pop out my chest until the cold air hit me. What a fucking relief. I asked myself was it worth it?

Hell fucking yea that dick was amazing. Lol.”

– Dirty Diva

Thanks, but no thanks, Officer



I don’t even know how it started. It happened rather quickly too. He worked in my building, as security. I said absolutely nothing to him for about 6 months. Then one day, out of nowhere, he smiled at me and I smiled back. I’m a sucker for a nice smile. That’s my problem.

We began saying good morning / good evening and all that jazz. We got to know each other a bit; enough for me to decide that I was going to sleep with him the minute I had the chance to.. And boy did that happen. This particular night – I met him in the security room and we got straight to business. He put on Alicia Keys’ – The Element of Freedom and fingered me to the beat of the music. He surprised me with “two in the pink and one in stink”; and anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE tushy play.

I couldn’t contain myself and sucked the shit out of his dick. I even surprised myself with the tricks I pulled out of my sleeve. (Thinking about it I probably shouldn’t have gone down on him but I didn’t give two shits at that point in time.) His moans/ hands and body got me off so much that I just kept sucking, licking and jerking him, completely ignoring the fact that he was telling me to stop because he was going to cum. Three seconds later he jizzed all in my mouth. I went to the bathroom and spit that shit right out.

We fucked for a good week and a half straight until one Saturday morning at 7:30a I get a call from his phone. I picked up, real confused, only to hear the voice of his wife, who to my knowledge, was his ex wife, and wasn’t even living in the same state as he was. That was a lovely conversation she and I had.

Needless to say, he quit (or got fired) immediately after that, and I never heard from him again.

Good riddance.

– Dirty Diva

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