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” I think my boyfriend and I had 1-2 years into our relationship. Around that the time he lived with his mother and brother in a two bedroom apartment.
Despite this scenario, we hardly ran into the issue of not being able to have sex.
Unfortunately, his sister who lived outside of NY got into a car accident and was temporarily in a wheelchair. For the time being, she had to come live with his mother until she was able to get back on her feet.
However, due to the lack of privacy (his sister was home 24/7 for obvious reasons, of course) we would go days without having sex. Can you imagine having no place to fuck (besides motels/hotels which we didn’t have the luxury to do on a daily basis)?! I didn’t have my own place, so that was out of the picture. He did have a car though, so we resorted to having incognito sex there, only at nights around the deserted areas on Riverside Drive.
At the beginning it was a joy ride for me, but it gradually started becoming a routine pattern which I despise (“routines”)! I needed a change of scene, excitement: anything!
Finally! It was a full house on a Saturday afternoon at his mother’s and the sex tension was on high. He got up to use the restroom, I followed.
We kiss as we simultaneously undo our pants, he turns me around and inserts his penis from the back. I’m facing the tile wall and using the towel holder outer rods as support. He’s pounding me like a jackhammer; I keep up with him as I furiously back it up even harder and feel his dick fulfilling every inch inside of me. The pounding continues and SNAP! We tumble few inches backwards, the sink thankfully stops us from falling, as well as the small size of the bathroom that we’re working with! I look down in my hands and see the right hand side of the towel holder rod! Huh? How can I?! The shit was super attached or glued or whatever source they used on the tile! I’ve always been told I’m a bit aggressive and strong but never to this magnitude!
Fortunately, he took the rap, his Puerto Rican mom gave him an earful of how he stays breaking things!
You won’t catch me doing like Mimi (Love & Hip Hop ATL) getting fucked as she hangs from the shower curtain rod- I’ll bring the whole roof down, hahaha! “
– Dirty Diva

Beware of Old Navy Shirts


” On a nice sunny day, during my lunch break, I met up with my “friend”, who just happened to go to school near my job. We were eating at a burger spot when she started playing with my dick. We were both really horny and were plotting where to go and have this little fucky fuck session.

First we walked to Modells and attempted to use the dressing room, but that didn’t work. We looked across the street and saw an Old Navy and surprisingly, it was kind of empty. I picked up a few shirts and went upstairs to the fitting room where one person was working. I asked her if I could try my shirts on, and me, being such a great schemer, played it off by asking my “friend” to come and see how the shirts looked on me.

She unbuttoned my pants- I pulled her skirt up and turned her around so she can face the mirror and I  slipped it right in and started beating it from the bike (aka back). This chick’s pwussy was so good that I came within few minutes. But instead of coming inside of her I busted on her ass and used one of the shirts that I supposedly was trying on!

I kept the shirt that had all my mayonnaise (semen) with me and told the fitting room girl that I was keeping that one. As we were walking to the escalator I quickly folded the shirt and placed it on pile of shirts where it belonged (reunited and it feels so good, lol!)

I smacked her on her ass, gave her a kiss and told her I’d make her come later. “



“I was talking to this dude for a little bit a while back. Always came to see me, took me out; all that jazz. He said he was single; had broken up w his bitch a bit before we started talking. He showed me no reason to not believe him, so I was game.

He came over this one specific night, looking and smelling just how I liked. I poured him and I some Henny, so you already know how that goes: flirtin’, jonesin’; the whole 9. We begin making out; its gettin hot and heavy REAL QUICK. Next thing you know, he slammed me against my wall.

Something I should mention about myself- I thoroughly enjoy ROUGH SEX. The rougher the better (makes misbehaving so much more fun) and with him, the sex was INCREDIBLE. He pulled the shit out of my hair, and bit me all over. I’d wake up with bruises all over my body (reminiscing now actually has me a little wet). This night was no different. My inner thighs- bruised; my nipples- bit up and slightly bruised. We are fucking like rabbits, and holy FUCK does it feel good. He is so deep in me, fucking me so intensely I swear I came about 4 times.

We go to bed soon after the fuckathon and he is dead asleep. I mean, who wouldn’t be? This guy was so far gone that I don’t think even a bomb going off would wake him. It was super late, and I’m drifting off, when I hear banging at my front door. I tip toed to the door, because I don’t know WHO THE FUCK is banging at this time at night. Then I hear it: “Yeah, she lives right there when you get off the steps.”

Some chick is outside my door, pacing back and forth, talkin to someone while I’m staring through the peephole. She banged a few more times, said “Nah, they aren’t here” and left. By that point I had put two and two together. I walk back to my bedroom, tapped homeboy on this shoulders, and when he didn’t budge I said: “Do you know your girl was just here knocking on my door?”

He got up SHOOK, thew all on his clothes on and crawled down my fire escape.”

– Dirty Diva

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