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Teasing up to NO GOOD.

We hit it off from the jump. I wasn’t looking for anything serious. I mean; I just got out of a relationship. Ain’t nobody got time for that! He wasn’t looking either! Great, so lets talk!

We talk for days via AIM, phone, and text. Good mornings and good nights. Sexual innuendos; Lord Jesus let him be well endowed because our talks were on fire!

We finally go on our official first date. He was so sweet and so playful. Flirting, nibbling, kissing here and there but that is where it stopped. No booty loving.. and that’s fine. I didn’t think anything of it; I had to go home anyways.

We continued our talks and met up a couple of times after. Went to bars, clubs, and to the movies together. Most of the time he would stay in my house. We would cuddle, kiss, dry hump. After the third sleepover I was already planning on getting his drawers.

That night we get into it hot and heavy. His fingers dancing in my insides, drenched in my juices while our tongues play. I am at a point where I just want his massive cock in me. I tell him-in between our tongues wrestling- “I want you in me. I want to cum on him.” He keeps playing in my insides and I push off as I want his cock! I spring it free and look for the condom. He is happy as well, shining with pre-cum and throbbin’ for my kiss or warm cover.

I was excited. This man looks good, smells good, kisses good, feels amazing, and his cock is larger than life! okay maybe I am going a lil overboard. But I wanted him!

Just when I think I am going to have my fuck on…he stops me and says, “I can’t.”


“You are a good girl; I don’t want to turn you..”

WayWat!?  “My man, all I want is your SEX!”

I’m horny as fuck now; my juices all on his fingers. I’m looking at his cock as he puts it away. To top it off, he has the audacity to LICK MY JUICES off of his fingers. Tells me “not now; too soon.” I’m a “good girl”. “Be patient.”

Im dumbfounded. no words!

I showered, waxed, had sexy undies on and he is in is briefs all snug.

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!  You DO NOT turn this down…You FUCK!”

So I did what any horny, in need person would, I made myself cum… in front of him. He just stared in shock. I saw his manhood rising again. I came faster and hard, I licked my own juices off, kissed him goodnight and went to bed. He laid there in disbelief.. what good girl?!


Don’t mess with a horny woman’s feelings!






Down in the ATL…


I shouldn’t have…
Oh but I want to…
So wrong, feels so good…
Deep breath….
I behaved…
I lie…

Down South lusting…

I was vacationing in Atlanta, visiting one of my good friends. Summer heat was kicking and we drinking to cool down. The ladies are dressed in their “freakum” dresses and the fellas are gawking, ready to prey.

We ride out in my friends BMW to the hottest club in town. Line is long to get in, but my homegirl knows the bouncer, so we all get in -20 deep- with no problem. Our boys are buying us drinks; I am feeling a lil’ saucy- but I’m from New York, so I can handle it. DJ is playing hit after hit; I’m dancing my ass off.

My homegirl’s boy has been watching me for a while and I can’t deny I was eyeing him too. But I’m only looking because I have a man at home. He comes over with a drink for me. We talk for a while but I’m really not paying attention to the conversation.

He. Smells. Delicious.

Body of a GOD!

He leans over- too close- asks me to dance. YES! I start swaying my hips to the beat, grinding close but not too close. I’m in my own world when I feel his hands on my hips, grabs me towards him.
OH. My myyyy myyyyy. 
HELLO, my girly is tingly.
Yeah he wants me; he is at attention.


At this point, I have had too much to drink. I turn to him, lock eyes, lick lips. Tension is rising; Shit I’m wet. Then I did it. I grabbed him and kissed him lustfully. Felt like we were the only ones on the dance floor.
The song stops. I catch my breath, look around, grab my friend and off to the bathroom I go with her.
“Girl, WTF did I just do?!”
All she says…”Bitch you are in another state, go fuck him, no one gonna say anything!”
Gee thanks, awesome friend!
She goes back to party some more and as I open the door he comes in, locks it and proceeds to have his way with me.

Kissing me in all the right places. Ooohhh he is good. Picks me up, unzips; he slides my panties to the side. Deep breathing, my senses are all over. OH MY GOD I want him!

Then my conscious starts talking to me: But wait; what are you doing?! One night stand? Really girl? You have a good man at home, don’t do this.

Drunken me: Fuck that shit. Do you not see this man?! Did you not feel his dick all on you?! Go for it!

Heat of the moment and I stop him. I apologized and started to walk away. but.. Damn; when in Rome.

FUCK, now I’m in need. I turn back and he tears off my panties. Im super wet. He slides right in. His hands grabbing on my ass holding me up. Im trying to hold on to the stalls. I’m cumming hard and fast. WOW. That was an amazing fuck. Dirty and quick. How it should be for a one night stand.

Oh what a night… needless to say, I never saw him again during any of my many trips down south.

Down south treated me right that night. Lmfao.


What’s Your Name Again?

Ever have sex high? If you haven’t, you’re severely missing out. Now, if you’re not a smoker, then there’s not much you can do about it.. but just know that you are missing out on one of the best, most INTENSE feelings of your life.

My ex wasn’t a smoker. I took that title on proudly in our relationship. I wasn’t going to miss out on that action; that amazing feeling because he wasn’t about smoking a little ganja every now and again.

During one of our “breaks” (which ultimately ended up being our last), I showed up to his crib, ready for one last good hoo-rah. I had already smoked half a blunt earlier that evening, so I took my clip and walked over to make sure the last time was going to be the absolute BEST time.

I show up and he’s already drinking. Everything is going as well as it could it be, considering. He decides that tonight is the night he wants to experience what sex is while high. I let him hit my clip and realize almost immediately that it wasn’t a good idea. He seemed to have gotten a bad high. WHOOPS!

That wasn’t going to stop me from getting what I went there for. We move into the bedroom and I proceed to give him his last “BEST BLOWJOB OF HIS LIFE” – his words, not mine; although I’m def NOT disagreeing. I get on top and immediately start to move as if Usher’s “Seduction” or “That’s What It’s Made For” came on. I was IN MY ZONE.

I may have been a little TOOO into it, as I began fantasize about my chocolate lover. That’s not a problem, per say, but the issue arose after I convulsed and came all over his dick.

“Yo. Did you just say someone else’s name?”
“Did you say SOMEONE ELSE’S NAME?!”
“No! Baby that blunt got to you. Go get some water; you need it.”

I def did say someone else’s name though.. poor guy.

-Dirty Diva

What Makes a Grown Man Scream ?



” My man is always joking around with me, telling me that he wants to cum on my face. You know my NEVER changing reply, right? OH HELLLLLL NO. That is NOT happening. I know not he just says it to get me going; he knows it gets me upset. To me that’s disrespectful, and I’m NOT having it.

Well, one day he kept messing around with me and telling me that it was going to happen sooner than I thought. Well I was prepared for it. Later on that night, he comes over and we are watching a movie when things start getting SUPER hot and heavy. I’m kissing him, hands in his pants. Ready to give him the blow job of his life.


He pulled out of my mouth right as he was going to release his delicious load, but I knew what was going to happen. I shoved his penis upward and it shot right into his eye.

I’ve never seen a grown man scream like a bitch, but there’s a first time for everything. It was by far the funniest thing I’ve encountered sexually. It burned and his eye was irritated for a few days, but hey at least he learned his lesson. Never threaten to cum in your girls eye if you don’t want a taste of your own medicine.”

– Dirty Diva

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