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The Night I Lost My Flower.

I never really cared for my virginity. 

To me, it wasn’t this thing where I needed to wait for that “special guy”, or that “special moment”.. I just needed to be at the right place in the right time, feeling that “right way”.

I was 16 years old at the time. He was 26. We had been messing around all Summer, and it was pretty adamant that he wanted to get in my pants. He picked me up on random nights and we would go for drives around the City; he would pick me up from work downtown and drive me home. He constantly called me to serenade me with Spanish love songs (which actually kind of annoyed me at the time), but he was sweet. I don’t think I let anyone in on the fact that I was sweet on him too. I’m sure they knew, but I wasn’t saying that out loud.

Fast forward to this one particular night. He dropped me off at home and told me he’d be back in an hour. I showered up and changed as fast as I could. We went on one of our drives around the City. It was different, this drive. So calm, so soothing. Very romantic. We parked at one of our spots and just talked for a while. We drove around a little more and parked on this hill, where no one could see us. Things got hot and heavy quickly in that car. The steam from our intense groping and make out session was undeniable. It was plastered on the windows. I immediately decided this was it. I was going to lose my virginity right in the back seat of his jeep.

“Vamos hacerlo. Make me yours.” He didn’t know much English but he knew damn well what I said. He put that condom on ever so quickly and gently took my flower away.

I don’t regret it one bit.

– Dirty Diva

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