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Indiana, Emory and Rutgers universities conducted surveys to see who amongst us is having the best (and the most) orgasms.

As a heterosexual female, I already knew we weren’t winning this battle. Bitches already take too long to orgasm. So many things affect how and when a female orgasms, especially when it’s a male going down on you and you have to be his damn GPS. -_____-

So who is the group that has the best/ most orgasms?

Yep… who else?


Yes We Do!

Yes We Do!

It makes complete sense, doesn’t it?
Women know what they like and what they want; how could they not achieve that orgasm every single time?

Lesbians (in my opinion) and some lucky ass bitches.

What are your thoughts? How often do you orgasm??

Read the entire story HERE.

– Dirty Diva

*Credit for Study info/link – Buzzfeed*

Khloe’s Take On Anal

I must say I agree!

You tell’em Khlo-Money!

– Dirty Diva

He’s Cumming.. BullsEYE


Think pink eye and add on the burn of a new cut. YEA, that’s what it felt like! I was so livid, my eyes did not recover for TWO DAYS!! Sigh, lets go back to the beginning.

Okay, so my boyfriend and I were at the dorm apartments all alone and very in need of fucking. Like, lets skip the foreplay because she is already wet. He is penetrating me in every direction, I ride him, he pulls my hair…the whole nine. He whispers in my ear…”I want to cum on you”. I’m in the zone so I say “Yes, let me see your cum baby”. Then he says, “I want it on your mouth; see you lick it off.” I’m almost cumming so… “yes baby anything!

Aaarrgggghhh!!” My orgasm was cut short as his cum shoots over my mouth and onto my fucking eye! I never pushed a guy so hard off of me. It burned, it stung and it wasn’t even anal! He laughed as he apologized. I mean it was kind of funny how he missed his aim, he was a basketball player- a damn good point guard at that. How did he miss?

Walked around with a swollen eye for two days in school, shades on in winter. Smdh…the shit one does when under orgasmic pleasure.


Hairy Situation

Oh man, curiosity did kill the cat that one summer…well, maybe not the summer more so with that one guy. Ha! I started hanging out with my first everything this one particular summer. I had just broken up with my boyfriend at the time and was in no hurry to be in another relationship. So I was hanging and partying. I guess to let go of my sorrows? Blah!

Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. I bumped into my first love and we exchanged numbers. There was something still there between us… well, between my legs and him. I was curious to see how he performed now, because back then we were both newbies. I mean, now that we have a few years of sex under our belt, wouldn’t you be curious to see how your first was? No? Well I was.

So, we set out to hang that night. After many drinks we were in his bed; oh the memories. We were twisted, very passionate, and fast! His manhood stood at attention the minute I touched him. Oh my, how we’ve grown! I licked my lips, I immediately took him all in my mouth: delicious. He moved me quick on top of him and boy I rode his mouth like no other.  I didn’t want to cum yet so I begged him to fuck me… he obliged. It was quick and I was fine with that- I mean after the foreplay I just had…shiet! He asked me to stay so we can be each other’s breakfast. I declined and went home. What the fuck did I do? I should have never gone up there! But that was a good fast drunken fuck.

A week passes and between the texts and calls, he wants it again. “Sure, come over.” So I open the door, naked, he takes me kisses me passionately, I smelled his lust. “Take it all off!” I demanded. I look up in anticipation to see the beautiful specimen I only felt the first time, as it was dark, but I was just disgusted. In my face, a black bush and peeking out… the stem I so lustfully sucked. Why, oh Why?!! Couldn’t you shave?!! Did we not schedule this?!!! I shaved, YOU could’ve at LEAST trimmed!!! I was horny so I told him to hurry up and fuck me. I was not in the mood but his man was at attention. He had to cum down and my mouth was not blowing him! So no foreplay like last time, no wet pussy! Just a hard dick, turned off bitch and a lubricated condom.

Disappointment to say the least. I stopped fucking him after that. He kept calling, but I moved on. ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ My kitty was curious and very disappointed. Ugh.

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