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“The Truth About Anal”

Always a touchy subject with women. Either you like it or you don’t. You tried once, but it hurt too much/he’s too big/you weren’t drunk enough… I get it. I mean, personally, I don’t, but it’s understandable.

When I consult women at my Passion Parties, I get asked a lot about anal. I’m always asked for tips on what they should do/ how they should approach it, because they really want to try it with their partner. I usually give four main tips: DRINK; LUBE; PREP; RELAX!

Since I’m determined to have all women enjoy this awesome sexual experience, I’m always looking for articles that talk about how to prepare for such an event. I found one that may help all you Nervous Nancy’s.

The only thing I’d add to this article: Make sure you’ve had a few shots off something that always loosens you up. 😉

The Truth About Anal *


– Dirty Diva

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My Ramona.

Almost every man I have spoken to has one. A “Ramona”. An older woman; a cougar, who shows you how it should be done. She seduces you, entices you; takes you under her wing and teaches you where to touch, kiss, lick, grab, and how to FUCK.

My Ramona wasn’t that much older than me at all, but she gave me experience and a lifetime of awesome fucking memories. This one specific night we were in her dorm room, watching a flick w her roommate, who she didn’t like very much. Her roommate was sitting on the floor while we were on her bed. The lights were off, which was perfect. Not even 15 min into the movie, Ramona decides that she’s feeling frisky, and starts rubbin’ my cock. Next thing you know, she pulls her shorts to the side and sits on top of me, and gave me my first reverse cowgirl experience. It felt so damn good. I’m pretty sure her annoying ass roommate heard what we were doing, but kept her eyes on the tv screen like a good fuckin’ girl.

Good times.

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