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A Little Pain Neva’ Hurt Anybody… Right?


He could have been straight out of Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. Tall, muscular blonde hair, blue eyes; it was lust at first sight. Okay, it really wasn’t (we were friends first), but once I saw him in that light… man did the lust smack me across the face.

After years of friendship (and both of us convincing ourselves that we weren’t into one another), it just kind of fell into place. We decided to give it a try and so far, things have been going pretty well. We’ve gone out on a few dates; we’re getting to know each other on “that level”, and are seriously enjoying the major make out sessions. Oh, and the sex is AWESOME.

On this one particular night, he comes over to my place to hang. I’ve prepared a few drinks (Whiskey, of course) and we are in my room, hangin out; talkin’ shit. Clearly one thing led to another, and next thing you know, I’m on top of him, make out session in full force. Remember I said he was tall and muscular? Well, he’s 6’6. I stand at a cool 5’2. Petite, too.

So here we are, on my bed, ready to GET IT ON. In one swift motion with his right hand, he takes me and slides me up so that I can sit on his face (probably my favorite thing about him; that man can EAT). Maybe it was because he was drunk and forgot how strong he is (and how small I am), he moved me a little too quickly and I went head first into my headboard. Banged up my nose and upper lip. I thought I chipped a tooth, it HURT SO BAD. He immediately apologized and went to get me some ice. I swear I heard him laughing in the kitchen. He came back, with the ice and the whiskey I told him to bring me. After I got over the embarrassment, we laughed it off and got down to business.

It wasn’t that bad in retrospect. I only have a nice little bruise on my lip now as a memory of that very fun night.

– Dirty Diva

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