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Sex IQ Test

I took a Sex IQ test last night, just to test my knowledge. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the results. Yup.. I shocked myself. Out of a possible 160 (there are 8 sections), the average is 100. I scored a 111. Take the test and see how much you know!

The Sex IQ Test

*TAKE NOTE* Some people mentioned not being able to see their results without logging in, but I saw mine with no log in, and no problem.

Thanks to MIK1999 For Posting This Link!

– Dirty Diva

Blow Him Already!

So… my mom left on vacation for the summer. Left my older sister in charge of the house, and me. I didn’t mind because my older sister was cool and hung out with my friends and I at times. This one particular day, my cousins and friends were hanging in the house. I went to the bedroom to use the phone and the guy I was messing with followed me in. We were drinking, but we were young so our alcohol tolerance wasn’t that high. As I am on the phone with my sister, he is kissing me, my lips, my neck… and then grabs my little itty bitty titties. I tell my sister: “I have to go!” and she screams out “Ay just suck his dick already!” We all start laughing but as I hung up, I thought to myself “why not?” I mean I’m not going to give him my virginity, so why not do oral before I let his dick fuck me. I was a virgin, but I was a curious little girl. Out of my rat pack of four I was the only one left to have sex, but I didn’t want to give it to him just yet (and never did). As sexy as he was, something said no bitch!

Anywho, he must have been thinking the same because he was starting to give me reasons why should… no, WE should give head. Yea, he wasn’t going down… but I didn’t care. He dropped his pants and WOW! My first real Dick encounter up close and personal. Looked clean, smelled clean… how does it taste? This is my first time… how do I suck it? Lick and suck like a lollipop? Grab balls? I have seen bits of porn before; should I do like “Debbie Does Dallas?” STFU and just do it, I said to myself.  I put him gently in my mouth and he began face fucking me.  I did my best to imitate “Debbie.” Grabbed his balls gently, licked his hard dick, tongue played with his tip (that really got him). I gagged a couple of times, produced too much saliva, and stopped a couple of times to breathe. I liked the taste and I started to get the hang of it but as he started moanin’, almost cumming, the door to my room opened.


YES, my cousin walked in on me giving oral. I was so embarrassed; of course he wasn’t. My cousin closed the door as quickly as she opened it. I didn’t want to continue, he did. I was mortified. All I heard was laughter out in the living room. Fuck! I left him with blue balls. I know, so mean of me. I made up for it twice after. Was it ever reciprocated? Nope. After that summer of 98′ we went our separate ways.

To this day I still get teased on the walk in… jokes on me. lol.


Under the Bridge like Trolls…

Down those stairs

Have you had sex in a public place? If so where? Same public area others have? The park or in a parked car?

I remember my public indecency like it was yesterday, only I was 15 years younger.  I was with my first, the one who deflowered me and had his way with me when he wanted; my all, my “first love.”  Yea, young teenage “love,” HA. I was too young to be calling what I had love, but at the time I was so naive that I actually thought he was the one… forever. So cliché but let’s go with it.

It was a beautiful spring morning when I beeped him: 3838 07734. Yes, I BEEPED him in code…Hello Bebe. He called me back at my home phone; we talked about the days happenings and how he missed me. Mind you, we saw each other every other day, but that day I knew what he meant and I was feeling the same. I was feenin’ for him but didn’t know how to tell him, let alone the thought of where would we do it. My mom was home and his parents were home. So what now? How can I work up the nerves to tell him? Where do we go? For an inexperienced girl, I wanted him and I needed him now!

I finally blurted it out. “I want you; I need you; let’s have sex!” .. And right away like any guy would do, he came up with places we can go. We didn’t drive at the time and I didn’t want to go to a friend’s house.. I mean, for what? So they can creep around and watch us? Ha; that already happened our first time… but that’s another story.  I was feeling myself right now so I said “Meet me on Laurel Hill, by the stairs.” We were a few minutes away from each other and met up within 10 min.

The minute he sees me, he passionately kisses me. I stop him to take a breath and saw the lust in his eyes. We impatiently run down the stairs by the avenue and walk towards a nook under the bridge. Once we got there, we couldn’t control ourselves. I had on a skirt for easy access. As we kissed he pushed my panties to the side and grabbed what was his; my pussy. No; HIS pussy. All his. He started to rub my clit, and the sensation was something I’d never felt this before. The times we had sex, I was wet, yes, but not like this. I was out of control. Felt a little cold at first, then warmth all over my body; a tingling sensation. He massaged my clit, getting me to cum, then he stopped. Damn, I was almost there. He saw my disappointment and just smiled. Mother effer smiled! He possessed my mouth, his tongue assaulting me (Yum), all while his manhood found my wet throbbing pussy. Oh my. Rammed his self into me, with no mercy and I loved it. I couldn’t stop moaning; as he kept penetrating I was beginning toshake. He whispered something but I was incoherent, I was cumming! First time ever; never felt this way… wow, I was weak!

When I finally opened my eyes he was just staring at me, with the biggest conquering smile. He came too (that is what he was jabbering about). He wanted us to come together and we did. Not many teenage boys, let alone men, know or want to do that. My first everything; my first asshole was very considerate that one day under the bridge. We fixed ourselves and walked back hand in hand to the avenue. Needless to say I was hurting the next day, I mean, we were fucking in an uncomfortable position on a rock but we were so in need that it didn’t even matter. Nothing matters when you want it. Doesn’t matter the day, time, or place. Just fuck me.. please.

Now, every time I drive by, I look over to that nook, that one rock, and just reminisce about my first tingling sensation, my secret public place.


The Last Hookup.

There I am, having a great Saturday night at my favorite bar/lounge in Upper Manhattan. Sippin’ on the bar’s “Crack Sangria”, as I like to call them, listening to dope ass hip hop songs; I was in my zone. Two seconds later I get the text I had been waiting for all night.

I had been bangin’ him out for a few months, and he was just my type: tall, dark and husky. The only issue was that neither he nor I were exactly single during the time of our fuckathons, so our hook ups were (clearly) secretive. He had just gotten home from a gig and wanted some Diva-Lovin’. I guzzled my Sangria, fixed my face, adjusted my boobs and hopped a cab at 3:00a to go see my Secret Dominican Lover in the Bronx.

I show up, sans underwear, ready to get it on with my husky piece of ass. He greeted me at the door, rock hard. Immediately we are all over each other, as if we hadn’t fucked it out in months (when in reality, only 4 days had passed). His touch always made me super wet, and this time was no different. We are going at it on his king sized bed, as if making up for lost time. He’s pounding me out; I’m moaning and screaming loud enough that the neighbors down the block probably heard me. Then it happened. I hear a door open, shoes clacking on the floor and lots of muffled chatter.

I ask him if anyone has keys to his place. Immediately we realized that we weren’t alone anymore. He hopped out, put his shorts on and headed out to figure out why his sister used her emergency keys to his crib. Now at this point, I don’t know what to do. About 5 minutes had come and gone, I’m half drunk, wet, and alone. Suddenly the door opens. I don’t know what to do, and went into complete panic mode so I jumped off the bed and hid my naked ass on a corner by the bed so I wouldn’t be seen. Never in my life did I ever think that this would happen to me.

No one actually walked into the room at that moment, and I couldn’t be more relieved. I got up, put my clothes back on and waited for him to come back, so that he could give me the green light to get the hell out of there. I’m too grown to deal with this bullshit! – is all I thought to myself. No woman in her 20’s should be dealing with such ridiculous crap. Sadly, I couldn’t leave until his sister left the living room, which was right outside of his bedroom. What a nightmare. Well, not having any other option, I napped for about 2 hours until the coast was finally clear. I left him around 7:00a, and needless to say, that was the last time I ever hooked up with him. Never again will I ever somewhat cheat on somebody!

– Dirty Diva

The Godfather


I’ll never forget him. His style, his presence, his swag; damn he’s good looking. There was something about him that made you want to be around him; made you want to know him.

We ended up at the same party this one specific night. It’s like the stars were aligned in our favor that night. I was drinking Johnny Walker and Cranberry Juice; he was sippin’ on Henny. We had been eyeing each other a little more than usual that night, and you could feel the tension and arousal in our dancing. He offered to drive me home; always the gentleman. Opened the door of his Benz and I slid right in, making sure nothing peeked out from under my skirt. Driving up the West Side Highway from downtown Manhattan is were it all began. I lit the blunt and the rest was history.

The mixture of Weed and Alcohol usually puts me straight to sleep, but I was high off his scent. Not sure what came over me, but I am glad whatever it was did. I put my hand on his thigh as he was driving and caressed him, working my way slowly to his member. The surprised look followed by the smile on his face was the green light I needed. I unzipped his pants and was instantly VERY PLEASANTLY surprised a nice, thick, hard penis is slowly standing at attention. I just KNEW we were going to have a GREAT night.

He left the car double parked at a hydrant, clearly not giving a shit about tickets. We could barely keep our hands off each other as we made our way up to my apartment. I’ve never wanted to taste a penis as bad as I did that very moment. I threw him on my bed and had my way with him. To this day is he is still one of the thickest men I’ve ever pleasured with my skills. His moans, his gestures; I KNOW he thoroughly enjoyed me sucking that dick as if I was a porn star. “You like sucking my dick? You suck that shit like its yours. Suck that dick baby, suck that DICK.” – I most definitely did.

Feeling him enter me and having him fuck the shit out of me is a memory I’ll never forget. His sensual touches, the way he placed his palm gently on my back as he fucked me doggy style; oh I was in Heaven. “You like this dick in you? You like it when I choke you like this? I’m gonna spank you for being a bad girl and holding out on me.” – He was quite the talker. I didn’t mind it, not one bit. He could say whatever he wanted to me with that big dick inside me.

After what seemed like half an hour of the best fuck of my life, he worked his way to my backside. Put a finger in my ass and I immediately moaned. He knew this wasn’t my first time. “You ever done anal?” – I asked. He said no, and was in for the biggest sexual ride of his life by far. He lubed me up and entered me slowly. Mmm I remember it like it was yesterday. I took it like a champ (as I knew I would); he came so fast none of us knew what happened.

He’s one of those guys who so damn good looking, all of the females want him. Never would have thought I would of hooked up with him.. but man am I happy I did.

– Dirty Diva

Gigi; Your New Best Friend.

This post is dedicated to all the men out there. There are so many toys that are made and advertised for a woman’s pleasure that I felt like the men were being forgotten!Tonight I concentrate on Gigi. She’s who I call every man’s best friend. She’s also who I believe is the only other vagina monogamous females will allow in their relationship. Yes, Gigi is the Pocket Pussy.



If I had a penis, I would DEFINITELY own a pocket pussy. She works so many ways, I don’t understand why every guy I know DOESN’T have one! She has multiple uses, and is so easy to take care of! Below are the many ways you can fuck her:

1. The Ménage a Trois Gigi isn’t just for his solo fun, but can be used during oral stimulation by you. First start by lubricating Gigi and his shaft with a small amount of a flavored lubricant like Embrace® Sensual Lubricant. Next, slowly slide the jellylike Gigi sleeve onto his erect penis, so that it completely rests against the base of his shaft, leaving the head exposed. As he gets closer to reaching climax, keep this in mind – Gigi can also “swallow” for you. Right before your partner climaxes, ensure that the head is completely engulfed by Gigi so that he gets every last bit of necessary stimulation.

2. Gigi: Your Personal Bumper Guard Another option is to use the Gigi sleeve as a buffer during vaginal or anal intercourse. Simply cut Gigi to a desirable “buffer” size. For example, if your partner’s penis is ten inches long from the base to the tip and you’re only comfortable accommodating seven inches, cut Gigi into a 3” portion. Next, apply Revelation™ Lubricant or Slip ‘n Slide. Then, slide the mini-Gigi over his shaft so it rests at the base of his penis. You can then have sex as you normally would, and Gigi prevents the additional length of his penis from entering your vagina or anus. If a condom is worn, Gigi goes on after the condom. With this method, you can relax knowing he’s not penetrating too deeply and he still gets the full coverage experience.

3. The Other Side of Gigi Gigi is a great toy that can be used to simulate anal sex and it’s an experience both of you can share together. Gigi is very flexible and can be completely reversed. When in this inside-out state, the opening on the opposite end is actually smaller and tighter, just like an anus. Make sure the inside, opening and his penis are well-lubricated, insert his shaft into the reversed Gigi and enjoy simulated anal sex.

Source: Passion Parties

As if Gigi couldn’t even get any better, there are different versions of her!

She Glows!

This Gigi glows in the dark!

She can vibrate!

She can vibrate!


For the even THICKER man.. ;-)


For the bigger man.. there’s Gigi’s cousin, Mimi

What are you waiting for? Purchase a Gigi for yourself or your loved one today!!!

– Dirty Diva

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