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I cum…

Sensation takes over
Thinking of you…me
Intertwined in each other

My senses heighten wanting more
Giving in to all feelings
Losing control
Giving in to the unknown

Slowing down
No need to rush
No loud sounds

My face expresses the passion w/in
Biting my lips as the juices come down…I cum

Mona Lovin’

Regret what never happened

Everything is flowing
In Life no complaints
Yet, you make me question it
Your conversations have me intrigued
Your looks are teasing me
I’m curious to see the real you,
Your fatigue
Your demeanor
Your stature
I’m attracted to you…
I have to stop thinking this
It’s no good in my relationship
Yet, I’m curious to see more
Will I regret what I have done
Will I regret what doesn’t happen
Who knows…..
I’m attracted and I want more
This is wrong yet it’s happening
What have you done…
I am stimulated
I am aroused
Life was no problem
Until I met you….


Mona Lovin’

Just Politics…

Met him at work; we were working on a project together. He was older, and handsome. I was young (and unavailable for any man), but oh so intrigued.  We would extend our meetings together “just because”, but never made a move. We both trifled with the idea of “what if”; joked that it could never happen. I mean I would never (he was not my type), but why was I so open to the idea with him? What was it about him that turned me on? Why was I so wet? All he had to do was smile and I was weak. Was it the thought or curiosity of wanting to have another man fill all of you? Not sure what is was but I wanted more time with him. We set up a “meeting” after work: our secret rendezvous. The first time was innocent. We actually worked; got things done. I controlled myself but inside I was dying to jump on and ride him. Wanted his mouth on me, his tongue caressing my lips, massaging my tender. Shit I wanted him, but all he got was a good night kiss. I know he wanted me, I felt him through our innocent hug -well in doubt… delish.
I left that night with my panties super wet and his sweet scent on my lips. As soon as I got home I called him. I touched myself while he spoke. His voice was intoxicating. Telling me sweet sexual nothings; what he should have done to me and how. I couldn’t speak. I closed my eyes and thought him touching me.  I was high of off him. I came; he came. Wow. Yes: the “what ifs” turned to phone sex. I couldn’t wait to see him again, and this time I would have him thrusting in me hard and rough, having him pull my hair and smack my ass while I scream out his name. I would ride him and suck off all his cum. Suck him ‘til he was dry and have him hard again for round two and then three. Oh my…just writing about this makes me want to go back.  I just wanted to let myself go with this man, this stranger…so mysterious. I wanted more.

Needless to say we never did meet after hours again, I stopped it before it went any further. The flirting still went on but I knew this affair would not have worked. Had him singing… “Tu y yo durmiendo con los enemigos,” Aventura.

Do I regret what never happened…no; I enjoyed it. Would I do it again? Perhaps. Until we meet again, my sweet thick lover.


Mona Lovin’

Goin’ to Brown Town

I asked my cousin to give me a topic to blog about and she gave me her one go-to topic: “Anal ANAL ANAL!!!” (No, I am NOT exaggerating with the amount of times she said that word, lol). I’m not even sure why I asked her; I knew that word was going to come out of her mouth. Nonetheless, the topic is a perfect one for this blog.

Anal sex has always been such an interesting topic, because so many people are on the fence about it. I’ve had multiple conversations with my girlfriends about anal sex. Personally, I enjoy anal, but many of the women I’ve spoken to do not, at all. They say it hurts too much. So much so that they couldn’t even follow through with it after that first initial stroke.

I always offer the same advice to anyone who is afraid of anal sex but is interested in trying it: Just relax. A drink or 4 also ALWAYS helps, but if you aren’t relaxed, you aren’t going anywhere. That, lots of lube and a finger or butt plug will help tremendously.

After my anal loving cousin gave me this topic, I immediately took to Google to find some slang words for Anal Sex, and Black Champagne gave me the following:

Slang for Anal Sex
 Bone smuggling
 Driving the Hershey highway
 Enter through the back door
 Plowing the back field
 Gardening uphill
 Goin’ to brown town < — Haaa!


Now, there are some advantages to anal, as well as disadvantages (obviously). I did some research an spoke to a few people and everyone seemed to have said the same things about it:


~ First things first, you can’t pregnant through anal. If you really think that this was possible, then darling, you need help. Lol.
~ Some women think that anal will cause hemorrhoids or tears; that is also not the case. Pleasurable anal sex does not cause any of this.
~ Perhaps many women’s favorite advantage: When your monthly friend is in town and your partner does not want to run the red light; just have him go to brown town. 😉

The disadvantages?

~ Well, if you don’t go the bathroom before anal you are more prone to having an accident in the middle of sex. This has happened to quite a few people; a few that I know. Yes, it is as NASTY as you are picturing it to be.
~ You are also prone to anal bleeding while defecating.
~ Too much fun and alcohol during anal sex really can hurt you like it did me.. specifically that time that I banged my head into a wall for being a drunken hot mess. That light bruise on my forehead wasn’t cute.

So, go on, buy a bottle of wine or patron, some really good lube, light one up if that’s how you roll, and go enjoy your night!

“Take it how you want it, but that booty action be feelin’ good and if you aren’t about that life it’s all good, but damn are you missin’ out!”

– The Dirty Diva

Thought Bubble

Tonight’s thought bubble has been brought to you by my reminiscing and reminder that I need to get back to doing something that I really enjoying doing: selling Sex Toys.

Toys, for as long as I’ve been talking/ thinking about sex, has always been specified as “for women’s use only”. I didn’t think anything of it until I went to my first Passion Party while in college. As the years went by and I went to more parties, I realized that not only are toys not “for women’s use only”, but that there are so many people who were misinformed about such a wonderful thing. Those parties and that small amount of knowledge that I gained are the reason why I wanted to (and eventually) became a consultant.

While toys are primarily designed for women, there are plenty of couples toys designed to enhance the experience for both men and women. It is known that many men do not want to/ are not interested in entertaining the idea of toys in the bedroom, probably because they are afraid of having a dildo up their asses. (What can I say? Some men are very young minded).

I’ve done a few passion parties for couples, and the story is always the same: the women are all excited and can’t wait, while the men are always hesitant and never want to participate. However, once you start a group conversation about sex and you whip out a few toys, it doesn’t take very long for me to convince these men that they are missing out on the goodness of life: that they need the cock ring to enhance their performance; that the cock ring with the vibrator feels AMAZING for both them and their partner. It doesn’t take me long at all to convince these men that a little bondage tape goes A LONG WAY in the bed room… that the handcuffs are almost necessary to have for that thrill of loving whats happening and not being able to touch your lover the way you yearn to touch them at that very moment right before climax.

Toys are a way of bringing lovers closer together. It helps them learn more about each other; tightens their bond. It intensifies their love for one another. If you are afraid that your love life is getting stagnant and you aren’t ready to introduce a third party to your monogamous relationship, why don’t you introduce a gentle toy instead?

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