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As I sit here sippin’ on my Riesling, I receive a drunk text from a potential boo. I already know where it’s going, so I figure “You know what? You can wait.” … and then it hit me. Homeboy is drunk at a spot somewhere, lookin’ for some lovin’, and I ain’t mad at him. I know damn well that if the roles were reversed, I’d be doing the exact same thing.

That text, however, took me back to life circa 2005, when I was probably at my rowdiest/most wreckless (we all know those years are always the most fun). Specifically, it took me back to my first hook up at a club. Such a vivid memory. I was at the 40/40 Club in NYC (yup, I did the damn thing at Jay Z’s club) and was chillin’ w my boo at the time and our friends. I was wearing a pretty blue halter top dress: halter’s were my fave.

Henny was flowin‘, music was BUMPIN’.. and this little Dirty Diva was drunk and raunchy. I headed over to the little ladies room, only to realize that the little ladies room was a little “peoples” room. I don’t think a light bulb has ever gone off so quickly in my head while drunk. I practically ran back to my boo, grabbed his hand and headed towards the back of the club REAL QUICK.

The adrenaline rush was extreme as my lover was hitting me from the back. Quick, quiet and hard, just how I like it. I could feel him so deep; so intense as he grabbed my neck and put just enough pressure on it to make me gasp out loud and make my nipples harden to their full potential. The shadows of the people walking in front of our stall turned me on in a way I didn’t deem imaginable at the time.

It was quite a challenge to fuck in that stall that was only meant for one person, but shit did we make that work. To this day I will always say that a quickie never felt so good like it did that night. Having him sneak out of that stall with my thong in his jeans pocket, and having me sneak out immediately after without anyone noticing a damn thing was pure perfection.

We went back to our table, drank some more Henny, and ended that night with a memory that neither him nor I will EVER forget.

– The Dirty Diva

Forbidden Fruit

I remember it like it was yesterday. The phone ringing and knowing instantly that it was him. Taking those extra 5 minutes to make sure I was fresh down there, my teeth were brushed and my breath smelled good; I was on my way to gettin some good dick. Sneaking out of my dorm room and walking down the hallway and around the corner to enter that forbidden room was becoming the highlight of my days.

I wish I knew what it was about him that made me want him so badly. His good looks, his sex appeal, that “perfect penis” as I liked to call it. Maybe it was the simple fact that he was forbidden, and at that alone was enough for me to want to jump on it real quick (man, am I happy that phase is OVER).

I walked into that bedroom with only the black light as my guide. Thinking back on it, I’m pretty sure he had that black light to check if there were any stains on his sheets after the deed was done. He’s laying there, rock hard, watching porn. Watching him laying there instantly made my panties wet. I joined him quickly, knowing that the next hour or so was going to be the best hour of the day. Immediately I kissed him. Started playing with him, waiting for that right moment to show him my “special talent”. Soon after I was down there, enjoying the thickness in my mouth. Watching him enjoy my tricks was probably the best part. Soon after he couldn’t hold it anymore, and was FULLY inside me. Thrust after thrust, touch after touch, position after position; I was in heaven.

He came every time. I came (almost) every time.

Our naked bodies laying there, panting; breathless; smiling.

Mission Accomplished.’  – I’d think to myself.

Soon after that I’d walk back to my room, wash up and join my roommates on the couch, watching whatever crap was on the tv and just think of the awesome secret sex I just had.

The Dirty Diva

Play, Pause, Rewind…


Lets just jump right to it. The ex and I have a sex tape. At the time, I was madly in love,  1 year into the relationship,  he was my future. Ha! So young and so naive. We loved and sexed each other every chance we got, especially being that we lived in the same campus…yes this was them college days. He had wanted to film me for a while now but I wasn’t sure it was a good idea. Looking back I should have said no but I was curious.

So I went for it, brought out the red teddy and all. Okay, we fucked, sucked,  licked and came. What now? Who holds the tape? Well he does, its his trophy. Smdh. I never watched it. I mean why should I, I was there. Not sure if he ever watched it either. So what was the point really? Check it off your bucket list? I guess, but if you don’t watch it again what is the point? What If you guys break up?

Yea, that happened.  We broke up 3 years later. He moved on and as did I. He mentioned the tape to me on one of our “friendly” talks after the break up while he was engaged to be married…yea men. Smdh. He told me he would go see it again cause he missed me. And that although he can close his eyes and picture me naked its not the same as seeing it on tape or better yet, having the person fucking you again for part 2 of the film. Yeah men are stupid and assholes. Since I was still good with his mother…cause she still wanted me as the daughter in law, I went over to her house, had small talk with the mom and brother then went right in his old closet and looked for my box. Yea you know the box that every one keeps of their exes. All the pics and letters,  old flowers, maybe even panties. Yea, that box. I looked through it and found three tapes…I took them all.

I called him while over there and told him. He was mad but couldn’t do anything because he was miles and miles away. I mean it doesn’t make sense…u are engaged to be married. What you need a sex tape of an ex for? So, its done, I am in possession of the tape…what do I do now? I wasn’t ready to see it because I was still mourning our break up. Watching the tape would not be good. So I put it away in MY box lol. I forget about it for a few years, technology has evolved and now that 2001 camcorder is ancient.You hold an 8mm tape in your hand, with no way to watch it unless you ask a friend of a friend who has a cousin that has said camcorder.

12 years later, my mother tells me she wants to dubb all her 8mm tapes to dvds. So I ask my in laws for their camcorder. Yes, they still own one. I start watching old videos reminiscing and i remembered…the tape! I look for it, find it, and press play…OMG. literally so young and naive. What was I thinking letting this man film us. But damn do I know how to give head and how to ride the cum off of a dick . Is that what I look like? Its been 12 years so I have mastered my head and cowgirl skills lmfao.

Now that I have seen it, I don’t regret doing it. We were both satisfied, we both came after the 30 min fuck fest. So its whatever. Now, would I have changed some things? Yes, most definitely! For one, the teddy…blah. At that age, I did not wax, I trimmed…horrible. Especially that he was hairy to begin with. Not a good look. I was embarrassed for myself watching that tape. But then again I was young and thought this man was the man for me. I had what I thought to be great sex with this man…the tape showed different. He had great sex because of me. I may not be super head or the Jenna of porn but damn to watch that tape and see young me in action…for little old me, I can fuck!

Now do I keep the tape, or burn it?

Mona Lovin’

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